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TORUS: Theory of Reactions for Unstable iSotopes
A Topical Collaboration for Nuclear Theory

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The Collaboration

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, CA
Ian Thompson Tel: 925 423 4978, Email: i-thompson at (info)
Jutta Escher Tel: 925 423 2991, Email: escher1 at

Michigan State University 1 Cyclotron Lab, East Lansing, MI
Filomena Nunes Tel: 517 908 7471, Email: nunes at (info)

Texas A& M University Cyclotron Institute, College Station, TX
Akram Mukhamedzhanov Tel: 979 845 1411, Email: akram at (info, info2)

Ohio University, Athens, OH
Charlotte Elster Tel: 740 593 1697, Email: elster at (info)

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN
Goran Arbanas Tel: 865 574 4984, Email: arbanasg at (info)

Postdoctoral Researcher at LSU:
Neelam Upadhyay. Previous email: upadhyay at  (info)

Postdoctoral Researcher at Ohio U:
Vasily Eremenko. Email: vasily.eremenko at  (blog)

Student at OU:
Linda Hlophe

by the Department of Energy, USA, as a Topical Collaboration, June 2010 to May 2014.
Grant numbers
DE-SC0004087 at MSU,
DE-SC0004084 at Ohio U,
DE-SC0004958 at TAMU,
DE-AC05-00OR22725 at ORNL, and
DE-AC52-07NA27344 at LLNL.      Webmaster: